A query regarding inconsistency in Protege Ontology!

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A query regarding inconsistency in Protege Ontology!

Aparna Lalingkar
Hello Everybody,

I have created an ontology for describing applet-based mathematics tasks.

While creating the ontology I have followed all the syntax rules and avoided the same named classess etc. I am using protege 3.5 just for creation of ontology and then after freezing it will import it in Protege 5.0

So far I have 185 Classes (Class and sub-class together), Total Properties 99 (69 object properties out of which 42 are properties with inverse specified, 31 data type and 8 annotation)

I decided to check the consistency just to be on safer side.So I used Pallet as a reasoner (which is inbuilt we only need to select it). The consistency check report shows all classes inconsistent.

Can anybody tell me why is it so? Do I need to import it in Protege 5.0 and then use Pallet reasoner to check the consistency?

Thanks and regards,


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