BUG: Refactor doesn't work.

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BUG: Refactor doesn't work.

Daniel B.
Hi there!

I would like to report a bug.

When I try to Refactor > Convert IRIs to labels, Protégé will only refactor
the IRIs that don't have underscores.

E.g. Protege will refactor http://www.example.com/Example, but it will not
refactor http://www.example.com/Another_Example

Also, the language of the label (the one generated from the IRI fragment
when refactoring) is "es" (Spanish) instead of what my settings specified:
"en" (English).

Here's a video for you to see what I mean:

Video.mp4 <http://protege-project.136.n4.nabble.com/file/t377156/Video.mp4>  

Thanks a lot!


Daniel B.
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