Consistency checking with OWL and SWRL rules

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Consistency checking with OWL and SWRL rules

Suman Roy



We are converting business processes to OWL ontology in one of our projects. This ontology consists of OWL-DL concepts and SWRL rules.

On business processes having more than 100 nodes consistency checking on Protégé (using Pellet or Hermit reasoners) become a little erratic. Sometime it returns the answer, sometimes it gets stuck (saying that “initializing reasoner”).


Our questions are the following.


1.       Does it happen because consistency checking in OWL-DL is NEXPTIME-complete? Also is there any approximate reasoning technique (or reseaoner) that can solve this consistency checking of OWL-DL more efficiently?

2.       We know that consistency checking of OWL-DL concepts, in general, is NEXPTIME-complete. What is the complexity of checking the consistency of OWL-DL concepts with SWRL rules?









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