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Could not save protege project

Hamizah Hamka

Hye expert team. I am having problem to save project in Protege 3.4.8 version and 3.5 version of ontology.
For your information, i do the ontology project at Protege 3.4.8. Since i have problem
when try to view the ontology in Graphviz, i installed the 3.5 version which successfully
view the OWLViz tab with the Graphviz of version 2.30.
I open the project that I done from v3.4.8 folder, in v3.5 protege.
Since then, it has problem with Jena thing, which i don't even have any idea about.

This error message popup. Hope to get some knowledge to handle this problem.
Thank you in advance.
Inline image 1

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Best Regards,

Nurhamizah Binti Mohd Hamka
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Master in Science (Software Engineering)
Faculty of Computing
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Skudai, Johor

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