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Datatype range problem

Daniel Elenius
This ontology doesn't load into Protege:

According to the WonderWeb validator, it is OWL Full, but it doesn't
look like anything critical.

It loads ok in Swoop, and Swoop says it's OWL DL. It does have something
interesting, which doesn't work in Protege:

It has several datatype properties (e.g. PersonStatusDutyStatusCode)
with range rdfs:Literal, and a number of allowed values which are
xsd:strings. In Protege, I have to choose a specific datatype before I
can put in allowed values (and then I can only put in values of that
type). It seems like it should be possible to have "Any" (rdfs:Literal)
as range, and put in typed allowed values, e.g. a mixed bags of
xsd:strings and xsd:ints. I think the inability to do this may be why
the ontology above doesn't load.


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