Defining relationships between classes

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Defining relationships between classes
First time poster, and somewhat of a newbie. I am trying to have my ontology roughly match my data model for key entities. I understand creating classes and subclasses, and defining object properties (I think). For example. An insurance company has a customer, who purchases a policy, who owns a vehicle, who is involved in an incident (crash, vandalism, etc.), who then files a claim.

The classes are not all necessarily subclasses of one another, but there are subclasses. For example Legal Entity has the subclasses Person and Organization, who in turn have subclasses of Customer, Employee, Corporation, Insurance Carrier, Repair Facility, Health Care Facility, etc. My question is, how do you define the relationship between subclasses other than with its own superclass or subclass. For example, the customer, the insurance carrier, the vehicle, the incident, and the claim, these are not superclasses or subclasses to one another, but they are related?  Are the only relationships that show up in the Protege OwlViz diagrams the ones that are classes and subclasses? Just using the triples with subject, predicate, and object, I can say a
customer ownsA vehicle
vehicle  isAType sedan
customer purchased policy
policy puchasedBy customer
customer partyTo incident
vehicle involvedIn incident
. . . .
And likewise,
Customer isA Person
Person isA LegalEntity
Hospital isA Organizaiton
Organization isA LegalEntity

But, what is the relationship between Customer and Vehicle?

Thanks for any help/guidance, it is greatly appreciated and will try not to ask too many stupid questions.

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