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Eric Armstrong
Hi. I used Protege a long time back, glad to see a web-version.

  • When signing up to mailman, you have a choice of "Daily Digests", yes or no.
    But it is not clear whether "no" means "individual messages" or "no messages".

  • As an author, I have long been interested in a reference-database.
    Protege would be perfect for it. Basically:
    • Each reference item points to a book (with page number), or magazine (with
      page number), or online article (with link), or youTube video (with link and
      with time, using YouTube URL attributes, "&t=32m10s", for example).
    • The book or other source material points to the author and to the provider
      (book publisher, for example). So each of those can point to related works.
    • Done online, Wiki style, interesting items by one person can be found and
      referenced by another. (That's where the WebProtege became really appealing.)

  • But utility requires a search capability. There is probably one within a given ontology,
    but I was suprised to find that WebProtege didn't have one to help find the projects
    hosted there--so I'll wind up manually scanning 4 pages of entries, at 500 entries per page.

  • Finally, I know this isn't serious ontology-stuff, but if other ontologies were¬†
    integrated, they could provide really useful indexes into a database of significant
    quotes and summary digests, with links that go directly to online source material,
    or library catalogs, or purchasable media.

It seems to me that something like that would be of great benefit to authors, researches,
and students writing papers. Or maybe something like that already exist, and I just need
to be given a clue...?


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