Funded PhD position in Auditable Semantic AI Systems, TU Wien, Austria

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Funded PhD position in Auditable Semantic AI Systems, TU Wien, Austria

Ekaputra, Fajar Juang
Apologize for multiple posting

3-years project funded PhD position in Auditable Semantic AI Systems, TU Wien, Austria

FACULTY: Faculty of Informatics
GROUP: Information & Software Engineering Group


The Ph.D. position will focus on the intersection of a multidisciplinary approach that brings together research on Knowledge Graphs, Machine Learning, and Auditability. Concretely, a successful candidate will investigate at least the following research questions: (1) How can Semantic AI Systems be classified into typologies? and (2) How to ensure the auditability of Semantic AI Systems? This will involve a thorough literature study on the combined use of the symbolic and statistical AI research, as well as investigation into auditability topics such as automatic context information capturing and system monitoring and verification. The exact topic of the Ph.D. will be defined within the first 6-months of the position based on the results of the literature study.

Tasks of the PhD-student consist of (but are not limited to):
* Conducting scientific research in the fields of Semantic Web, Auditability, and Machine Learning;
* Investigating potential methods and tools to support automatic context information capturing, enrichment, and integration;
* Applying concepts and methods developed in the research to the use cases from various ongoing research projects;
* Writing scientific papers and project deliverables;  
* Presenting in scientific venues (e.g., conferences, workshops).

Your responsibilities:
* Meet the goals/deadlines as set out in related research projects;
* Complete a PhD thesis within the contract period.    


We seek a highly motivated PhD student who has a strong interest in thinking about semantics, machine learning, and auditability, with:
* an MSc degree in Computer Science or Data Science;
* a strong affinity and motivation for doing scientific research in an interdisciplinary setting;
* an open mind, the ability to think creatively and outside the box;
* analytical skills and interest in semantic technologies, machine learning, and auditability;
* solid abilities in programming and application development are needed. Experience in Semantic Web development or Machine Learning is a plus;
* an independent, proactive working style;
* motivation to work in an international team with outside collaborators;
* excellent scientific communication skills (written and verbally) in English. Knowledge of German is a plus but not necessary for this position.


We offer a position (30 hours/week) for three years in an international, young, and dynamic research group. Furthermore, the successful candidate will be involved in interesting research projects. The gross salary starts with €2,197 per month (14x yearly), which includes 25 paid vacation days per year.


Please enclose your CV, copies of relevant certificates and a motivational statement with your application. Please send the application via email to Dr. Fajar Ekaputra ([hidden email]). The application deadline is April 30, 2020.


Technische Universität Wien, generally referred to as TU Wien, is located in the heart of Europe, a place where one can experience cultural diversity and international life. Research, teaching and learning have been conducted here in the service of progress for 200 years. TU Wien is amongst Europe’s most successful universities of technology and, with over 30,000 students and a staff of about 5,000, is Austria’s largest scientific and engineering research and education institution.         


For more information about this position, please take a look on our website ( or contact: 
* Dr. Marta Sabou - [hidden email] 
* Dr. Fajar Ekaputra - [hidden email] 
* Dr. Tomasz Miksa - [hidden email]

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