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Subject: Protege 3.4 XMIbackend plugin
Date: December 5, 2018 at 4:46:16 AM PST


I have seen your comment on using protege 3.4 and XMIbackend plugin. I have copied XMIbackend Plugin in Plugins folder of 3.4.2. But I could not see the tab. Therefore, I can not work with it. Could you please guide me regarding this?

Please note that it’s best to send your questions, at least initially, to [hidden email] or the Protege developer mailing list, where more people can respond to you. I am afraid I am not sure what Protege 3.4 XMLbackend plugin you are talking about. 

Are you using the Protege frame or Protege OWL as your representation language? 

If you are using Protege frame and If you are referring to the XMLTab plugin, you can make it on the Protege UI by going to the Project/Configure… menu item to bring up a panel that includes the tab widgets loaded in your instance of Protege. Check the “Visible” box next to the XMLTab entry (see attached figure).

If you are talking about the experimental XML backend (which I’ve never used), you can go to the "File/Convert project to format” menu item and choose “experimental XML file (.xml)” as the desired format. (See next figure)

If you are referring to something else entirely, please describe the functionality the “XMLbackend” plugin is supposed to have.

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