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Help with ontology modelling

Jahn Arne Johnsen

Although this might not be the correct forum, I hope some of you can help
me. I am working on a master's thesis where I look into if ontology can be
used to model a telecommunication system and from this detect possible error
scenarios. When an error scenario has been found, the ontology should
specify a list of different actions to take. I'll show an example:

Given a network with tree entities:
- Endpoint 1
- Endpoint 2
- Gatekeeper


- configured using DHCP
- GK address is correct
- manually chosen alias is 6230

- configuration ok

- configuration ok

Error scenario:
- EP1 tries to initiate a call to EP2 using GK, but the call fails

Solution / reasoning:
- EP1 calls using EP2s alias
- EP1 is registered at the same gatekeeper as EP2
- Ask for registration policy on GK
- In the registration policy, the allowed registration aliases are set to
"allow 58*"
- EP1s alias does not comply with this
- Reset alias to 586230 (i.e. set prefix 58)
- Redial

As far as I can see I first have to model every entity of the network, with
their relations in the ontology. This means that the Endpoints and the
Gatekeeper have a relation with the registration policy as one of its
attributes. This again has different attributes for e.g. the alias. My
temporary sketch is currently like this:

        - Terminal
        |+ address (Adress)
        |+ e.164Alias (E.164Alias)
        |+ termConfig (ConfigurationDocument)

        - GateKeeper
        |+ adress (Adress)
        |+ registeredEndPoints (multiple Terminal)
        |+ defaultTermConfig (ConfigurationDocument)

        - ConfigurationDocument
        |+ authentication (boolean)
        - RegistrationPolicy
        |+ aliasFormat (regexp)

        + hostname (string / URI)
        + fullIP (string / URI)
        + acquisition (DHCP / Dynamic Acquisition (IPv6) / Manual)

        - E.164Alias
        |+ identifyingAlias (int)
        |+ address (Adress)

Now, the problem for me is firstly how I should model the endpoint's
registration with the gatekeeper, and further how to model a call between
endpoints. As I have become somewhat stuck at the current point and need a
push in the right direction I greatly appreciate any comments and


Jahn Arne Johnsen

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