How are blank nodes handled?

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How are blank nodes handled?

Steve Vestal
I am loading an ontology created using Jena that contains blank nodes. 
(This seems fairly common, e.g., subexpressions of complex class
expressions.)  I am not able to see individuals whose IRIs are blank
nodes.  How does Protege handle blank nodes in an ontology?

Below is a representative fragment of the RDF/XML being loaded.  The
classes memBus and rdf:Statement show up in Protege, but no individuals
that are members of those classes.  Is there something about this model
that is improperly declaring that class j.0:memBus (and class
memBusEquiv) contains an individual (a blank node) having a
j.1:statement relationship to an rdf:Statement individual (a blank node)?

  <owl:Ontology rdf:about="http://fhowl/ontologyset/test">
    <owl:imports rdf:resource=""/>
    <owl:imports rdf:resource=""/>
        <rdf:object rdf:resource="http://aadl#accessConnection"/>
    <rdf:type rdf:resource="http://structuresintwoclasses#memBusEquiv"/>

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