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IoT Simulator Release

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We have released code for the Internet of Things (IoT) Simulator (IoTSim-Edge and IoTSim-Stream). Individual simulator properties are listed as follows. 

Find this link to download the simulator and user manual. 

The unique features provided by IoTSim-Edge 
  • New IoT application graph modeling abstraction that allows practitioners to define the data analytic operations and their mapping to different parts of the infrastructure (e.g. IoT and edge). 
  • The abstraction that supports modeling of heterogeneous IoT protocols along with their energy consumption profile. 
  • It allows practitioners to define the configuration of edge and IoT devices along with the specific protocols they support for networking. 
  • The abstraction that supports modeling of mobile IoT devices. 
  • It also captures the effect of handoff caused by the movement of IoT devices.
  • This supports a cooperative edge-to-edge communication that allows the transfer of the processed data of the respective IoT device by one edge via another edge.   

The unique features provided by IoTSim-Stream
  • Support modeling data incentive IoT-based applications using stream processing model (aka stream graph applications). 
  • Support modeling Multicloud environment as an execution environment for stream graph application. 
  • Support user-defined resource provisioning and scheduling policies.


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