Letter of Support for continued SWRLTab Development

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Letter of Support for continued SWRLTab Development

Jennifer Vendetti
Protege Community,

We are writing a proposal to request funding for future development of
the Protege-OWL SWRLTab and are looking for letters of support from
users. These future developments include a dramatic expansion of the
SWRLTab's feature set and porting to the Protege 4 platform.

Supports letters are very important for the type of proposal we are
submitting because they give reviewers a sense of the scale and scope of
the user community of projects, which are central criteria when making
funding decisions.

I enclose a sample support letter. You can simply add a few
project-specific sentences to this letter to indicate how you use or
plan to use the SWRLTab and then print it on your institution's
letterhead and sign it. You can then (1) mail, (2) scan and email, or
(3) fax the letter. Instructions follow. We need the letters before the
20th of February.

(1) Send the completed signed letter to:

Dr. Amar Das
Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research
MSOB X267, 251 Campus Drive
Stanford, California 94305-5479

(2) Scan the signed letter and email it to: [hidden email]

(3) Fax the signed letter attention Amar Das: +1-650-725-7944

Thank you,
Martin O'Connor

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Letter template for SWRL-TK proposal.doc (28K) Download Attachment