Manchester syntax and importing ontologies without header

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Manchester syntax and importing ontologies without header

Petr Křemen

I have an ontology document in Manchester syntax:

Prefix: : <http://ex.owl/>
Prefix: rdfs: <>
Ontology: <http://ex.owl/o3> <http://ex.owl/o3-v1>
   Import: <http://ex.owl/o4>
#  Import: <http://ex.owl/o5>
   Annotations: rdfs:comment "An example ontology"@en,
                :creator :John
   AnnotationProperty: :creator
   Class: :Person
   Individual: :John

where o4 is resolved to a Manchester syntax document (i.e. with
Ontology: header), while o5 is resolved to a Turtle document (OWL-DL
backward compatible without Ontology declaration)

The above ontology o3 parses successfully, but uncommenting the import
for o5 makes it unparsable with the NPE below. Making the same
experiment with Turtle version of o3 works for both commented and
uncommented o5.

Tested on Protege 4.3

Any suggestion ?


NullPointerException: null

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