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Modeling the problem

sharmi m

Sorry.. Completing the problem is not the issue. I think i did not coney it properly.
Right way of modeling is the issue. In fact, i have finished the work. It looks too naive. Looks like this is not the optimal way.

With the given example, I have tried to simplify the original problem for the purpose of making it clear.

Let me explain my difficulty.

a list of concepts in a mixed way to be accessed by different kinds of people.
assume a class 1 to 50. All its individual can be accessed by Type1 user.
Individuals belong to class 1 to 49  is only accessible to type2 user.

To describe the choice of user2, Instead of defining the completing concepts through properties for user 1 and user2 (with one exception) , any optimal way is there to represent the situation .

Same case with other type of users.
Any way to handle such incompatibility instead of repeating the compatible ones.


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