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Ontologies, OWL, Post doc, 2 years, Marseille

Pierre Drap
Hi All,

Position proposal, Post doc, computer science, 2 years in Marseille, France
Pierre Drap, Odile Papini
LSIS umr 7296, Aix Marseille University, France

Contact  [hidden email]

The LSIS laboratory in Aix-Marseille University  (http://www.lsis.org/spip.php?id_rubrique=50, http://www.lsis.org/spip.php?id_rubrique=42 ) is working, among others, on the European H2020 Innovation Project IMARECULTURE (http://imareculture.weebly.com/) which focuses on developing serious gaming and augmented reality in
underwater CH context.
More precisely we are working on archaeological knowledge representation and its confrontation with accurate 3D measurement coming from photogrammetry.
Several ontologies are aligned in order to create a complete chain from 3D measurement to archaeological knowledge.
We are looking for a research assistant or a postdoctoral researcher with excellent experience in JAVA in OWL context (JENA, OWL-API, JSON, JAXB).
(S)he will be located in Marseilles, Luminy Campus, France and will assist us through the complete software development life cycle as well as with research tasks within these projects.
Working within a team of researchers and industry representatives based locally in Marseilles and internationally (Italy, Spain, France).
Working on industrially relevant research within multinational academic research settings,
Implementation, optimisation, and deployment of research outcomes in the form of efficient prototypes.

Required Skills for this position:

BSc / MSc / MEng degree in Computer Science, Informatics or Computer Engineering
(lack of a 3rd-level degree may be compensated by significant and demonstrated practical experience)
Excellent knowledge and demonstrable skills in JAVA, managing ontology with JAVA with JENA and OWL-API
Good knowledge computer graphics
Ability to work with relational and document based databases

Desirable and appreciated

Good feeling with underwater context.
Good feeling with CH and particularly with archaeology.
Good feeling with interdisciplinary approach.
Knowledge on computer vision, 3D graphics.
Knowledge of Machine Learning methods (supervised and unsupervised)

Contract will be done with Aix-Marseille University for two years with a net salary around 2000.00 euros (monthly) according to the experience.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us a letter of introduction explaining your background and interest and why you believe you would be suitable for the position.
Email your letter and your CV (in PDF format) to [hidden email] with [HIRING] in the subject line.
Please send letters including references, testimonials, certificates, university grades, PhD dissertation etc.
If you have any informal enquiries, please send an email to the team representative: [hidden email]


Pierre Drap                         

                                             LSIS laboratory
   Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Information et des Systèmes
                                   I&M Team, Images & Models
                                               umr CNRS 7296
                            case 925 - 163, avenue de Luminy  
                                     13288 Marseille cedex 9

                        POLYTECH, Luminy, Bat. C Bureau C113 
 Tel : 33 4 91 82 85 20               Fax : 33 4 91 82 85 19
[hidden email]      http://www.lsis.org/pierre_drap

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