Post-doc position on semantic data integration using OMOP and FHIR

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Post-doc position on semantic data integration using OMOP and FHIR

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*Post-doctoral position in Semantic Data Integration*

*for EU research project *

Professor Mor Peleg <> of the Department of
Information Systems, University of Haifa, is looking for a postdoctoral
student for the EU project, which will start in *January 2020*: CAPABLE
(CAncer PAtients Better Life Experience).

 This project will develop a decision support system for cancer patients
aimed at monitoring changes in the condition of the patients and
recommending actions that can be taken to improve the quality of life of
the recovering patients who are at home and use mobile sensors.

 24-month appointment, renewable up to 36 months based on strong

The post-doc, working at the University of Haifa
<>, Israel, with the local CAPABLE
team led by Prof. Mor Peleg
<> and with global project
partners, will lead the research of designing, developing, and evaluating
an ontology and service-oriented software that support semantic knowledge
and data integration (clinical data, environmental and wearable sensor
data, patient-reported data, data from social media and questionnaires).
Integrated data will be used to develop predictive models and personalize
decision support to cancer patients.

The work will extend Knowledge-Data Ontology Mapper
- a tool based on Protege for mapping different schemas of knowledge and
data to each other and may use machine learning to ease the mapping process.

*INNOVATION*: We will use the OHDSI OMOP information model and produce
queries accordingly, introduce advanced temporal operators. An ontology
will be developed to organize *events* that trigger the different knowledge
sources of CAPABLE.

Research includes development of new methods and their implementation as
software. Experience in databases and Java is necessary.

 Please email morpeleg @, attaching a cover letter explaining
your interest in the project, resume and grade transcripts.

For more information please see
: “Job Announcements”

Mor Peleg
Professor of Information Systems
University of Haifa, 3498838, Israel
Rabin Building, room 7047

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