Postdoc position available: Interoperability of biomedical and bioinformatics data

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Postdoc position available: Interoperability of biomedical and bioinformatics data

Olivier Dameron
Postdoctoral Position: Interoperability of biomedical and bioinformatics

INSERM U936, Rennes1 University, Rennes, France.

The U936 is looking for a postdoctoral fellow interested on
interoperability of biomedical and bioinformatics data. The candidate
should have a strong expertise in ontologies and reasoning and be
proficient with Semantic Web technologies (from RDF-SPARQL to OWL-DL and
SWRL). A working knowledge of the data elements in patients' Electronic
Health Records (EHR) is an advantage but is not mandatory. The work will
be part of an international effort and will be carried out in English.

Within the U936, the postdoctoral fellow will participate to following

     * ASTEC (Automatic Selection of clinical Trials based on
Eligibility Criteria) is funded by the French ANR-TECSAN organization.
It aims to increase the rate of patient inclusion in oncologic clinical
trials by automatically proposing a list of clinical trials for a
patient suffering from prostate cancer.
     * TRANSFoRm is funded by the ICT initiative from the European
Commission. It aims to develop rigorous and generic methods for the
integration of Primary Care clinical and research activities in order to
support patient safety and clinical research. The project is based on
rich capture of clinical data, including symptoms and signs rather than
just a single diagnosis, as well as distributed interoperability of EHR
data and other data sources enabling large-scale phenotype-genotype
association studies and follow up of trials
     * EHR4CR (Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research) is
funded by the IMI initiative from the European Commission. It aims to
design and demonstrate a scalable and cost-effective approach to
interoperability between Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs) and
Clinical Research through multiple but unified initiatives across
different therapeutic areas.

The position is available as of October 2010 and funding is secured
until October 2013. Any suitably qualified EU or international person
can apply. The net monthly salary will be around 2200 € and can be
negociated according to the candidate's experience.

Please send an application letter, a curriculum, a list of scientific
publications and letters of support to Marc Cuggia
([hidden email]) and Olivier Dameron
([hidden email])
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