Presentations on Knowledge Representation and Semantic Web

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Presentations on Knowledge Representation and Semantic Web

Michael DeBellis-2
I'm putting together a tutorial presentation for a semantic web workshop in India that will be a brief overview of knowledge representation in symbolic AI from expert systems to the Semantic Web. Most of the emphasis will be on the Semantic Web but I also plan to include some historical info on precursors to OWL and the reasoners. Starting with rule-based expert systems then languages like KL-One, NIKL, and Loom. Also, the DARPA knowledge sharing initiative and languages like DAML. 

The historical background will be very brief and the majority of the presentation will be on the Semantic Web stack, specifically: RDF/RDFS, OWL, SWRL, SPARQL, SHACL, and triple store products. 

If anyone has any presentations, either on the historical stuff or especially the Semantic Web technologies that I can re-use please send me a link or the presentation. I know there must be a ton of them out there but I thought people on this list would be good sources for pointers to the best ones. Thanks.


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