Problem with OWLViz and Reasoner

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Problem with OWLViz and Reasoner



Please am new to this group also new to Protege vs 4.02. and 4.0.3, at the moment I have both version installed on my systems. I am currently facing two challenges


1. Each time I click on the OWLViz tab I kept getting a DOT error has occurred message, I downloaded the Graphviz software and installed it to this path :( C:\Program Files (x86)\Protege_4.0.2\plugins\Graphviz2.34\ ) and I still keep getting the same error message.
2. After creating my classes and the object properties , and I try to get the inferred class through the reasoned , I do not get any class in my inferred classes. Please I will appreciate all the help I can get.

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