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Protege 3.2 Beta update (build 301)

Jennifer Vendetti

There is a new beta build available on our Web site:

Changes in Core Protege & Protege-Frames
1. Fixed a problem with the Jess Tab that was causing a crash during tab initialization.

2. Included an updated version of the Unicode Chooser dialog.  The dialog is no longer modal and a single-click inserts a character into the target text box.  Previously, characters had to be inserted one at a time.  Thanks go to Simon White for this contribution.

Changes in Protege-OWL
The following bug fixes were made:

- Anonymous fillers should be represented in the existential tree.
- Import metadata ontology in prefs broken.
- Random crash on create new class.
- Test for all primitive siblings disjoint.
- Test for multiple asserted superclasses.
- Cannot edit name of property when creating from Restrictions dialog.
- Anonymous fillers for restrictions should be displayed in the existential tree.
- Changing the type of a property which has a superproperty causes the property to be shown as a top level property.
- Expression editor crash when no properties.
- Opening an OWL file directly does not open the associated project.
- Cloning - when cloning into a different ontology - reciprocal imports should be made.
- Opening an OWL PPRJ file directly from desktop causes the OWL menu to not appear.
- Radio buttons to switch between different types of class display do not appear on the OWLClasses Tab.
- Temporarily removed progress bars to prevent GUI focus problems on unresolved imports.

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