Protege 3.2 Beta update (build 322)

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Protege 3.2 Beta update (build 322)

Jennifer Vendetti

There is a new beta build available on our Web site:

Changes in Core Protege & Protege-Frames
1. Export plug-ins may now implement an isSuitable(Project) method to specify which kinds of projects they can be applied to, e.g., OWL, Clips, etc.  If a project type is unsuitable, the corresponding export menu item is disabled.

1. Fixed a bug related to nested transactions.

2. Fixed a bug that caused an IllegalArgumentException when reordering tabs in the GUI.

3. Fixed a bug that was occurring when no tabs were activated in the GUI.

Changes in Protege-OWL
1. The SWRLTab provides an extension mechanism to support the execution of SWRL rules with a variety of rule engines. At present, the Jess rule engine ( is supported.  See the online documentation for more detail:  Thanks go to Martin O'Connor for this contribution.

2. Fixed a bug in the SWRL import mechanism that caused the SWRLTab not to initialize properly.

3. The "File -> Export to Format -> RDF Schema" and "File -> Export to Format -> HTML" menu items are now disabled for Protege-OWL ontologies.  The RDF Schema and HTML export plug-ins were written for Protege-Frames ontologies and were causing confusion when users tried to apply them to OWL ontologies.

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