Protege 3.2 Beta update (build 327)

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Protege 3.2 Beta update (build 327)

Jennifer Vendetti

There is a new beta build available on our Web site:

Changes in Core Protege & Protege-Frames
1. Fixed the "Getting Started" button on the Welcome Dialog to open a valid URL in the Protege Web site.

2. Fixed a scrolling bug that caused the scrollbar not to appear in the class tree panel under certain circumstances.

Changes in Protege-OWL
1. Offline activation of the SWRLTab is now supported.

2. OWL sameAs/different/allDifferents is now supported properly in the SWRLTab.

3. SWRLFactory activation problem fixed.

4. SWRL built-in comparison operators now work for floats.

5. Minor SWRLJessTab GUI updates and bug fixes.

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