Protege 3.2 Beta update (build 342)

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Protege 3.2 Beta update (build 342)

Jennifer Vendetti
There is a new beta build available on our Web site:

IMPORTANT: Please do not install this build over an older version. You need to do a clean install for this build to work properly because we have upgraded to version 2.4 of Jena.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Core Protege & Protege-Frames
1. Added better error handling and reporting to make the display of error information more user-friendly. In cases where CLIPS or OWL files have parsing errors, more information is output so that problems will be easier to pinpoint.

2. Fixed a bug which prevented a Protege client from being able to access file mode ontologies on the Protege server.

3. Fixed a bug that prevented the afterCreate() method from being called for project plug-ins.

4. Fixed an infinite loop problem in the getPathToRoot() method that occurred when cyclic subclasses are used.

5. Added a utility method in ModelUtilities for determining whether a frame (Cls, Slot, Facet, or Instance) is visible in the GUI or not.

6. Beautified and fixed some broken links in the "About Protege" dialog.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
1. Fixed a bug (#184) which made it difficult to edit restrictions in OWL ontologies when Protege is configured to display classes and properties by their rdf:label rather than their rdf:id.

2. Fixed a bug (#159) which prevented the streaming load of an OWL ontology directly into a database from working. This can now be done by creating a new OWL database project from existing sources, specifying the source, and finally specifying the database parameters.

3. Upgraded to version 2.4 of Jena.

4. Reimplemented the loading of OWL files from "Open..." or "Create from Existing Sources" such that a different initialization method is used. In the case where an OWL file is opened, the repository file is also considered (if one exists) based on the OWL file path.

5. Fixed a class name display bug. If OWL class names were too long, the class name could not be read properly in the GUI. This bug also occurred when resizing the Protege window.

6. Fixed a bug that caused the values in the annotations and triple table to shift at delete in the Metadata Tab.

7. Added fix for the ProtegeOWL API method createJenaModelFromURI(URI uri) to also load the project repositories.

8. Fixed a NullPointerException for the case in which the WHERE clause of a SPARQL query was empty.

9. There is now a message that is displayed to the user if SPARQL query parsing failed. The SPARQL results table is cleaned after each query execution.

10. Various bug fixes in the Protege-OWL Parser - error handling and reporting are more robust.

11. Fixed a bug that prevented the OWLViz export dialog from coming up under JDK 1.6.  (Please note that we do not officially support JDK 1.6 yet.  This was an easy one-liner, so we checked in a fix).

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