Protege 3.2 Beta update (build 343)

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Protege 3.2 Beta update (build 343)

Jennifer Vendetti
There is a new beta build available on our Web site:

1. Users can now edit property files ( and
Protege.lax) from two places in the user interface:

a) Choose Project | Configure... to launch the Configure dialog and
click on the "Property Files" tab.
b) Choose Project | Configure... to launch the Configure dialog, check
the box next to "ProtegePropertiesTab" on the Tab Widgets tab, and click
OK.  The ProtegePropertiesTab tab widget plug-in will be visible in the
main window.  This tab allows editing of any property file with the
property=value format, not just property files that are specific to Protege.

Any changes made to the file will take effect
immediately.  Changes in other property files, including Protege.lax,
will only take effect after restarting Protege.

2. All generated knowledge base events now have a timestamp and the user
name of the client that generated the event.  There are two new methods
in AbstractEvent to retrieve this information.  Please consult the
JavaDoc for details:

Changes in Core Protege & Protege-Frames
1. Added a new method for setting the current project without displaying
it: setCurrentProject(Project project, boolean remote, boolean
suppressDisplay). Please consult the JavaDoc for details:

2. Suppressed events generated at project load time.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
1. Added the ability to create anonymous individuals from the
Individuals tab.  A new button and icon indicate that the created
resource is anonymous.

2. Reimplemented browser slot patterns for OWL, which fixed several bugs:

a) It is now possible to build browser slot patterns with multiple
b) RDFSLiteral properties obey the default language.
c) Fixed bug related to setting the default language in an imported
ontology, which caused browser slots to behave inconsistently.
d) Changed the behavior of the browser slot pattern - if a default
language is set and an RDFSLiteral does not have a value for that
language, but has a value with no language set, then this value is used
in the display.

WARNING! Restriction editing is not supported in multiple browser slot
mode.  It is only supported in the ":NAME" or "rdfs:label" modes.

3. Fixed the Java source code generator for OWL ontologies that imported
the SWRL ontology, which caused the generated code not to compile. The
SWRL basic classes are now filtered out from the generated Java classes.

4. Fixed a bug that occurred when the Protege ontology was imported from
one of the available repositories. The Protege ontology was imported
with a "p1" prefix rather than a "protege" prefix, which caused other
GUI components to behave incorrectly.

5. Optimized the getLanguage() call in RDFSLiteral.

6. Fixed some race conditions in the OWL search operation.

7. Fixed a problem where Protege-OWL was incorrectly determining the
type of an rdf property.  This caused the application to generate a Java
object of the wrong type to represent the property and resulted in class
cast exceptions (bugs 185 & 188).

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