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Protege 3.3 Beta

Jennifer Vendetti
There is a new beta build available on our Web site:

Changes & Bug Fixes in Core Protege, Protege-Frames, & Standard Extensions
1. Setting the title for the add instances panel now works properly. Thanks go to to Daniel Holbert for the fix.

2. Fixed a ConcurrentModificationException that occurred when an instance had several types.

3. Fixed Bug 318 ( - the allowed classes of slots attached to instances with multiple types were not handled correctly.

4. Added check for preventing users from adding an already existing direct type to an instance in the Instances tab.

5. Fixed the getUserName() call from the KnowledgeBase interface. If in client-server, it returns the log-in name, if in standalone mode it returns the java.user property value.

6. Fixed the getChildNode() method in ComponentUtilities to return null if the object is not found in the tree.

7. Added check in the CLIPS parser for user defined facets defined on non-existent classes.

8. Added the ability for users to specify a custom display name for nodes when they are displayed in the palette portion of the graph widget.  Custom display names are configurable from the widget configuration dialog, which is accessed on the Forms tab.

9. Added a confirmation dialog in the graph widget when users press the delete button to delete nodes that are selected on the canvas portion of the graph.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
1. Fixed a class cast exception in the tooltip of RDFResources.

2. Setting the absolute URI as the OWLFileName in the JenaKnowledgeBaseFactory.

3. Bug fix related to maintaining the ontology imports order.

4. Bug fix for relative folder repository for access through the Protege-OWL API.

5. SWRL factory now supports rule copying and replacement of rule sets:

6. Experimental built-in library implemented:

7. Optimized built-in invocation and fixed built-in invocation bug that caused invalid argument exceptions.

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