Protege 3.3 Beta update (build 390)

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Protege 3.3 Beta update (build 390)

Jennifer Vendetti
There is a new beta build available on our Web site:

IMPORTANT: Please do not install this build over an older version. You need to do a clean install for this build to work properly because we have upgraded to Jena 2.5.1 and there are a number of changes to the JAR files in the Protege-OWL plugins directory.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Core Protege & Protege-Frames
1. There are two new properties that users can set in the file:


Both of these properties should be set to a value in seconds (the default value is 15 seconds).  The properties are accessible via the Protege API from ApplicationProperties.getUrlConnectTimeout() and ApplicationProperties.getUrlConnectReadTimeout().  Currently, these properties are used by the Protege-OWL editor during ontology loading.

2. Moved the Property Files panel from the Project -> Configure dialog to the File -> Preferences dialog.  The Property Files panel provides a graphical user interface through which users can modify property-value pairs in the and the Protege.lax files.  Please note that modification of the Protege.lax file is not supported on the Mac OS.

3. The Protege-Frames RDF back-end now supports multiple instance types. This was a serious limitation in previous versions of the plug-in.

3. Fixed the KnowledgeBase.getUserName() method to return the right user name for a multi-user client, the Protege server, and standalone Protege.

4. Removed the setUserName() method from DefaultKnowledgeBase.

5. Fixed a bug in Protege-Frames HTML Export that caused it to show some class names as plain text when they should have been clickable links.  Thanks go to Mike Hewett for contributing the fix.

6. Added the option to in Protege-Frames HTML Export to generate the output into a hierarchy of folders instead of dumping all of the files into one folder (neither Windows nor Linux likes to have 16,000+ files in the same folder).  Thanks to go to Mike Hewett for contributing the enhancement.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
1. Upgraded to Jena version 2.5.1.

2. Fixed a problem with SPARQL queries that returned no solution for cases in which a combination of non-string RDFSLiterals were used in a query.

3. Fixed the method asRDFSLiterals(Collection values) from the OWLModel interface to return a collection of RDFS Literals.

4. Added SWRL query built-ins:

5. Added a SWRLQueryTab to display the results of the query built-ins:

6. Added a query API to provide a JDBC-like Java interface to retrieve the result of SWRL rules containing query built-ins:

7. Added TBox and ABox built-ins:

8. Added a bridge factory to allow easier creation of bridges:

9. Fixed a bug that caused SWRL to incorrectly deal with subproperties in some situations.

10. Changed built-in library subsystem to allow multiple bridges to safely share the same library at run-time:

11. Core SWRL mathematical built-ins now support floats, doubles, shorts, and longs:

Changes in Changes Tab
The Changes tab has been re-engineered to:

a) Provide support for several projects including Collaborative Protege and extensions to Prompt.

b) Work properly in Protege's server-client mode.  Documentation for configuring the Changes tab in server-client mode is provided in the following Word document in the Protege Subversion repository:

The ontology used by the Changes tab has been significantly modified.  To use the new version of the Changes tab, you will need to remove old changes annotation projects.  If the Changes tab is active while running Prompt, there is a users panel that can be accessed to determine which users are responsible for making which changes to the ontology.  The users tab can also be accessed without running Prompt by going to the Project menu and following the path Project -> Configure -> UsersTab.  Currently, the users tab is refreshed by unconfiguring and reconfiguring it.  This will be improved in an upcoming release.

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