Protege 3.3 Beta update (build 399)

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Protege 3.3 Beta update (build 399)

Jennifer Vendetti
There is a new beta build available on our Web site:

IMPORTANT: Please do not install this build over an older version. You need to do a clean install for this build to work properly because we have upgraded one of the JAR files in the root of the Protege installation directory (looks.jar -> looks-2.1.3.jar).

New Extension & Plug-in
Collaborative Protege - Collaborative Protege is an extension of the existing Protege system that supports collaborative ontology editing.  In addition to the common ontology editing operations, users can annotate both ontology components and ontology changes.  There is support for searching and filtering of user annotations based on a variety of different criteria.  Two types of voting mechanisms have been implemented to allow users to to vote on change proposals. Collaborative Protege can be used with the Protege-OWL editor, the Protege-Frames editor, and multi-user Protege.  Please note that Collaborative Protege is still considered a prototype that is under active development. Your feedback is most welcome!  A User's Guide, an online demo, and more documentation are available on a separate Web page:

Chat Plug-in - There is a new plug-in called the "Chat Tab" for multi-user Protege that allows users who are connected to the same Protege server to chat with each other.  To enable the tab, go to Project -> Configure -> Tab Widgets and check the box next to "ChatTab".

Changes & Bug Fixes in Core Protege, Protege-Frames, & Standard Extensions
1. Added two methods in the RemoteServer interface that allow Protege multi-user clients to create new projects and users on the server.

2. Added better handling of access denied exceptions when Protege is running in Applet mode.

3. Added a new project configuration option called "Track changes" that triggers change tracking when Protege is running in multi-user mode. Project configuration options are available from Project -> Configure -> Options.

4. Added a new project configuration option called "Add :NAME Slot on Instance Forms". When this option is enabled, the :NAME slot will appear on forms for all newly created instances, even if :NAME has not been explicitly added to the list of template slots attached to the class.

5. Added the ability to configure slot widgets as "read-only", such that users will not be able to edit slot values via the user interface. To make a slot widget read-only:

a) Go to the Forms Tab
b) Select a particular slot widget
c) Double-click on the slot widget to bring up the Configure dialog
d) Navigate to the Options tab, where you can set the widget as read-only

This configuration is persistent and saved in the PPRJ (Protege project) file.

6. Fixed a bug in the Queries tab. The "protege_query_results" text file now contains the proper tab delimiters when more than one slot value is exported.

7. Increased the number of slots in the Multislot Display Pattern dialog from 5 to 8 per user request.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
1. Changed the way Protege-OWL checks whether it is running in graphical mode or not.

2. Made the SWRLTab visible automatically if swrl.owl is imported.

3. Updated the SWRL individuals and popup editors to make better use of screen real estate.

4. Added a checkbox next to each rule in the SWRL Editor to allow selective enabling and disabling of rules.

As always, a web-based version of the release notes is available on our site:

The Protege Team

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