Protege 3.3 Beta update (build 409)

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Protege 3.3 Beta update (build 409)

Jennifer Vendetti
There is a new beta build available on our Web site:

Bug Fixes in Core Protege
1. Fixed the "X11 DISPLAY variable not set" error message that was occurring in Protege's client-server mode. The Protege server no longer requires any kind of graphical connection.

Change & Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
1. Added the ability to configure some of the OWL widgets as "read-only", such that users will not be able to edit property values via the user interface. To make a slot widget read-only:

a). Go to the Forms tab
b). Select a particular slot widget
c). Double-click on the slot widget to bring up the Configure dialog
d). Navigate to the Options tab, where you can set the widget as read-only

2. Updated the EMF interface code generator. The return type of methods now correspond to the generated interfaces for the property range, rather than returning the more generic "Instance" type.

3. Fixed the browser text of resources for the case in which a browser pattern is composed of several properties and some of the properties in the pattern do not have a value defined.

4. Fixed a bug with the Properties View on the OWL Classes tab that was introduced in the previous build where properties for which the class is in the domain were not being shown.

5. Several fixes for OWL widgets related to editing property values for individuals.

As always, a web-based version of the release notes is available on our site:

The Protege Team

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