Protege 3.3 Beta update (build 411, release candidate)

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Protege 3.3 Beta update (build 411, release candidate)

Jennifer Vendetti
There's a new beta build available on our Web site:

**PLEASE NOTE - This is a candidate build for the 3.3 release.  We
encourage you to try this build and report any bugs before they become
part of an official release.

Changes in Prompt
1.  Implemented handling of included and imported projects for Map and
Merge. Now, if the projects you are mapping (merging) include or import
other projects (ontologies), the merged ontology will include (import)
these projects as well. Then, when you copy, say, a class from one of
your source ontologies and that class refers to an included (imported)
class, then the corresponding class in the merged ontology will also
reference the same included (imported) class. Furthermore, Prompt will
not make any mapping suggestions for included or imported frames

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