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Protege 3.3 Update

Jennifer Vendetti
We have posted an update to the 3.3 release (version number 3.3.1, build

Changes & Bug Fixes in Core Protege
- The export of results in the Queries tab is now configurable.

- Improved performance of Collaborative Protege.  As part of this work,
the optimizations done in the client-server code were modularized so
that significant improvements in client-server performance
(e.g., for Frames ontologies with many instances) can be made in future

- The Protege installation now includes a script (called
shutdown_protege_server) to shutdown the Protege server.

- Fixed a bug related to several Protege clients listening for events on
the same server project.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
- Added a method called getCommonSuperclasses to the OWLModel interface

- Fixed a bug in the domain and range widgets that occurred when
removing classes from the domain/range of a property.

- Fixed a bug that disabled the delete button from the PropertiesTab.

- Fixed a bug that caused the "?forceReadOnly" string to be appended
multiple times in the repository entry of a relative file repository.

- Bug fix for the paths of relative file repositories on Windows.

- Enabled the form for the simple annotation properties, so that users
can now add other annotation properties on them.

- Adjusted the OWL meta-model in Protege, especially the OWL properties
metaclass hierarchy.

- The Add repository pop-up dialog does not appear at missing imports
anymore if Protege is not running in GUI mode.

- Fixed the ValuePartition and Enum wizards to generate the correct
domains for the properties.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Collaborative Protege
- Added "collaborativePizza" as an example collaborative project that
can be run both in stand-alone and client-server Protege.

- Annotations can now be added on properties and individuals.  Users can
also annotate the OWL ontologies in the OWLMetadataTab.

- The ChatTab can now work simultaneously as a collaborative tab and as
a "normal" Protege tab widget.

Best Regards,
The Protege Team

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