Protege 3.4.1 Patch Release

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Protege 3.4.1 Patch Release

Jennifer Vendetti
We have posted an update to the 3.4 release (version number 3.4.1, build

Changes & Bug Fixes in Core Protege
- Significant improvements in client-server performance, especially when
the server is serving database projects. (Thanks to Bob Dionne for
discovering some of the problems).

- Significant performance improvement for frame replace, especially for
large database projects.

- Fixed a bug where remnants of a recently deleted frame remain on
Protege clients, leading to confusion if a client recreates a frame with
the same name.

- Implemented a change in event generation - at frame replace, we only
generate the frame replace event, not the other "backwards-compatible"
events (delete and create).  This may confuse some external plug-ins,
which should all be updated to react to the frameReplace event.

- Added more logging to the Protege server, which will help with
debugging of login or project open problems.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL & SWRL
- Removed quotes from the class tree and individuals list.  The browser
text of values containing spaces will still contain quotes, but they are
not rendered in the user interface.  The ResourceRenderer now has a
constructor with an argument that allows programmers to specify whether
or not the quotes should be shown (the default behavior is to show quotes).

- In the database repository panel, it is now possible to select a table
from a drop-down list of available database tables. Previous
implementations only allowed the specification of a database.

- Changed the repository mechanism to allow users to override the
default import behavior.

- Made improvements to the native OWL writer so that output is now sorted.

- Fixed OWLViz to work with Graphviz 2.22 and higher.

- Fixed the export of an OWL database to an OWL file to include
generation of the default namespace and xml:base.

- Fixed a bug where the MultiResourceWidget did not update if a value
changed when the browser slot is set.

- Fixed a bug that caused an empty profile list in OWL Preferences.

- The creation of clones with null names is now allowed through the API
(names will be autogenerated).

- Removed "Experimental" from the native writer in OWL Preferences.

- Fixed a bug where the SPARQL query panel misbehaved if there was no
default namespace defined in the ontology.

- Added a fix for the SWRL form that did not show up correctly the first
time the SWRLTab was enabled in a project.

Bug Fixes in Standard Extensions
- The graph widget was not functioning properly for OWL ontologies from
approximately Protege 3.4 beta build 500 through the Protege 3.4
release.  These issues have been fixed in Protege 3.4.1.  If you have
OWL ontologies in Protege 3.3 that use the graph widget, please refer to
a (required) guide on our wiki about how to upgrade your project [1].

- Fixed an infinite loop in the EditorPaneWidget related to displaying
external links.

- Updated the HTML exporter to display the browser slot for slots.

Changes in Change Management
- It is now possible to search and filter the change log in the Changes
tab by different criteria (author, text, date, etc.).

We hope to see some of you at the upcoming Protege Conference [2] in
beautiful Amsterdam!

Best Regards,
The Protege Team


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