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Jennifer Vendetti
There's a new beta build available on our Web site:

Changes & Bug Fixes in Core Protege, Protege-Frames
1. Made two changes that improved the performance of the Instances tab:

a. Added the ability to disable the display of instance counts in the
Class Hierarchy pane. Normally, Protege displays the number of instances
for each class in the class hierarchy in parenthesis next to the class
name. This was causing problems when users clicked on a class with
thousands of subclasses because calculating the number of instances for
each of the subclasses was taking too much time. To disable the display
of instance counts, go to Project -> Configure... -> Options and check
the box next to "Suppress Instance Count Display".

b. The pane in the Instance Browser that displays instances of a
particular class is now multithreaded. If a user selects a class that
has thousands of instances, viewing those instances in the Instance
Browser is much faster.

2. Users can now pass arguments to Protege's main method in the form of
-propMyProp=MyValue, where -prop is the prefix for all property-value
assignments. These properties are accessible in the same way as
properties from the file.

3. Added some utility methods in SystemUtilities for getting system

4. When exporting a Protege-Frames project to OWL, users now have the
option of choosing the native OWL writer rather than the default Jena
writer. Please note that there is a known limitation if using the native
writer: Protege-Frames projects that contain PAL constraints are not
exported correctly. If your project has PAL constraints, please continue
to use the default writer.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
1. The Protege-OWL Java Code Generator now generates getXXXProperty
methods on Factory classes.

2. Added a method in the OWLModel interface for creating simple
annotation properties.

3. Added support in the Properties tab user interface for creating
simple annotation properties.

4. Fixed a bug related to saving the inferred hierarchy.

5. Filtered out the SWRL and SWRLB entities from the DIG translation,
which caused some reasoners to report warnings or errors.

6. Made the Help menu more user friendly:

a. Combined the "About Protege..." and "Protege-OWL Version Info..."
menu items into one item called "About Protege-OWL...". The dialog that
results from choosing this menu item no longer has any Protege-Frames
specific text, such as the link to the protege-discussion mailing list.

b. Added an item that links to the "Getting Started with Protege-OWL"
page on the Protege website.

c. Added an item that links to the Protege-OWL FAQ page on the Protege

7. Implemented a fix for DIG's translation of boolean properties. Thanks
go to Thomas Russ for suggesting the fix.

8. Several minor bug fixes in Protege-OWL's SWRL support.

As always, a web-based version of the release notes is available on our

The Protege Team

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