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Protege 3.4 Beta update (build 120)

Jennifer Vendetti
There's a new beta build available on our Web site:

This build contains an important change to the Protege-OWL editor, which
is the ability to connect directly to the Pellet reasoner. Previously,
Protege-OWL only supported connections to an external DIG reasoner. This
change includes modifications to the user interface and the Protege-OWL
API, which are detailed in the following two sections:

UI Changes
- Reasoning functionality is now accessible through the new "Reasoning"
menu, which allows users to select from a list of available reasoners.
The current choices in this menu are "DIG Reasoner" and "Pellet 1.5.1
(direct)". All reasoning actions such as consistency checking,
classification, etc., will work with the selected reasoner.

- It is now possible to query the inferred property values of an
individual. This can be done by right-clicking on an individual in the
Individuals tab and selecting "Get inferred property values" from the
context menu.

API Changes
- The old ProtegeOWLReasoner reasoner interface has been deprecated and
the new ProtegeReasoner interface should be used instead. Documentation
for accessing the reasoner programmatically using the new interface is
available on the Wiki:

- A new plug-in type called a "Reasoner Plug-in" has been introduced
that allows developers to plug other reasoners into Protege-OWL.
Currently, there are four implementations of the reasoner plug-in: 1)
Jena reasoner, 2) DIG reasoner, 3) Pellet reasoner accessed through the
Jena API, and 4) Pellet reasoner accessed through the OWL-API. We have
made the DIG reasoner and the Pellet reasoner accessed through OWL-API
available through the user interface via the Reasoning menu.
Documentation for developing a reasoner plug-in is available on the

- The protege-pellet.jar file in the
edu.stanford.smi.protegex.owl.inference.pellet folder contains a
programmatically accessible Protege-OWL to OWL-API converter. This
allows developers to obtain an OWL-API model from a Protege-OWL model.
The model is a snapshot and not a synchronized (live) copy and the
limitations of the conversions are documented in the Javadoc for
OWLAPIConverter. We would like to thank clark&parsia
( for providing an important part of the
converter code.

Please note: when using the direct Pellet reasoner with large
ontologies, we recommend that users increase the allocation for
Protege-OWL's heap size because Protege-OWL and Pellet will share the
same memory space. In the event that you get an OutOfMemory exception
during reasoning, Protege-OWL will try to recover, but we do not
recommend that you try to save your file after this type of exception.

Other Changes
- Protege-OWL users who use rdf:label to represent class names now have
the ability to put spaces and other characters in class names. In the
past, the restriction editor was not very friendly to such users because
it could not parse expressions such as "hasTopping some My Favorite Type
of Topping". We have modified the grammars used by the restriction
editors so that names with spaces can be quoted. For example, the
expression above can be represented as "hasTopping some 'My Favorite Tye
of Topping'".

As always, a Web-based version of the release notes is available on our

The Protege Team

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