Protege 3.4 Beta update (build 125)

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Protege 3.4 Beta update (build 125)

Jennifer Vendetti
There is a new beta build available on our Web site:

Changes & Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
- Modified the SWRLTab [1] and the SWRL Jess Bridge [2] to support
inference over larger ontologies.

- Added additional operators to the temporal built-in library [3].

- SWRL system classes are now hidden from the user interface by default.

- Made some performance improvements for ontology entities creation for
large ontologies.

Changes in Standard Extensions
- Fixed a bug with complex links in the graph widget that was only
occurring in Protege's client-server mode. The first time users drew a
complex link between two nodes, the link disappeared, and only
reappeared after clicking away from the graph and coming back.

- Fixed two bugs in the graph widget that were only occurring with
graphs from included projects:

a). The graph widget's "Remove Selected Instances" button is no longer
enabled on graphs from included projects.

b). Users are no longer able to create new nodes and links on graphs
from included projects.

As always, a web-based version of the release notes is available on our
site [4].

The Protege Team

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