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Protege 3.4 Beta update (build 504)

Jennifer Vendetti
There is a new beta build available on our Web site:

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend a clean reinstall of this build. A
"clean reinstall" means that you should either a) install this build
into an empty directory, or b) uninstall the previous version before
installing build 504.

- This build contains some critical fixes for the client-server mode as
well as Protege-OWL's database back-end. If you use either of these, we
recommend upgrading to this build.

- Users of the client-server mode need to edit the metaproject after
upgrading to this build. Please ensure that all users are in the "World"
group. The reason for this is that we have added enforcement for the
Read and DisplayInProjectList policies. If a user is not in the World
group, then the default policy will not allow them to view the
ontologies on the server.

- We have made it possible for users to customize the database schema
used by the database back-end. This will allow users to configure
databases that are not supported by Protege and to modify the current
schema format to suit their needs. We are working on a wiki page that
will document how to do this (but, it's not done yet...). If you want to
do this before the wiki page materializes, please send us a message on
one of the Protege mailing lists [1].

Changes & Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
- Upgraded to Jena 2.5.6, which fixes some SPARQL query problems.

- The parser uses a new algorithm to compute orphan classes. This fixes
the cases in which certain classes did not show up in the classes tree.

- The SWRLTab now works with the OWL database back-end.

- Improved the performance of the OWL file to OWL database conversion.

- Implemented some performance improvements for Protege's client-server
mode for the OWLClasses and Individuals tabs.

- Fixed a problem in the conversion of projects from one storage format
to another.

- Fixed a problem with the OWL Wizard for creating multiple individuals.

As always, a web-based version of the release notes is available on our
site [3].

Changes in Bundled Plugins
- Upgraded to version 1.3.1 of the DataMaster plug-in, which contains
some minor bug fixes and improvements. Please see the DataMaster 1.3.1
wiki page [2] for more details.

As always, a web-based version of the release notes is available on our
site [3].

The Protege Team


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