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Protege 3.4 Beta update (build 519)

Jennifer Vendetti
There is a new beta build available on our Web site:

Changes & Bug Fixes in Core Protege
- Added search support for multiline string values in the Protege user
interface and in the Protege API.

- Fixed a bug where duplicate child nodes appeared in the class tree (or
any other tree that uses LazyTreeNode). Many thanks go to Bob Dionne for
the fix.

- Protege now escapes the slot and slot value delimiters in the query
results file exported from the Queries tab. Again, thanks go to Bob
Dionne for the fix.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Protege Client-Server
- Disabled the compression algorithm for client-server communication. We
have encountered occasional problems in certain configurations with
clients hanging because of the compression code. We are currently
investigating this issue.

- Fixed some refresh problems when an entity (class, property,
individual) was renamed in the user interface.

- The insertion order is now preserved when calculating the value
closure for slots.

- Fixed some issues with inherited browser slot patterns. In previous
versions, the browser slot patterns were not always inherited by subclasses.

- Fixed a problem that prevented preservation of default view annotations.

Changes & Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
- The restriction editor finder now uses the same finder as the class
tree. This means that users will no longer have to add a "*" in front of
the search string.

- Fixed an exception was sometimes thrown when a disjoint class was
removed in the user interface.

Changes in Collaborative Protege
- Rename events now are shown as one aggregated change in the Changes
tab and the collaboration panel.

- Added more checks to determine an absence of changes and to determine
if the annotations project is present in the changes and annotations API.

As always, a web-based version of the release notes is available on our
site [1].  Also, please note that most of Stanford has a winter closure
from December 22nd through January 2nd.  If you experience any problems
with this beta build, you can revert to any of the earlier 3.4 beta
builds in our old releases section [2].

The Protege Team


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