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Protege 3.4 Release

Jennifer Vendetti
We are pleased to announce the release of Protege, version 3.4 (build
533).  The highlights of this release are:

- Project inclusion is now supported in database mode.
- Major enhancements to Protege-OWL, including a direct connection to
the Pellet reasoner, a new parser with much better performance, and
improved handling of untyped resources.
- Major enhancements to Protege Client-Server, including significant
performance improvements, the enforcement of several access policies,
and a new user interface for administering the server.
- Greatly improved support for collaborative ontology development.

Please make sure to read the web-based release notes for important
installation instructions and a much more detailed list of enhancements
and bug fixes:

Download Protege 3.4 (OWL, Frames, and optional plug-ins):
Download Protege 3.4 (Frames only):

Other helpful resources:

Protege Client-Server tutorial:
Collaborative Protege User's Guide:
Protege-OWL Tutorial:
Recently Updated Protege-Frames User's Guide:
Protege Plugin Library:

Best Regards,
The Protege Team

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