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Protege 4.0 Alpha

Jennifer Vendetti
We are pleased to announce that the first alpha build of Protege 4.0 is
available on our website:

What's included?
An exciting new version of the Protege-OWL editor, developed by our
collaborators at the University of Manchester.  New features in the
Protege-OWL editor include:

1. Built on top of the OWL API ( Large
ontologies such as the NCI ontology can be loaded in around 500M of memory.

2. Support for OWL 1.1 (qualified cardinality restrictions, property
chains, disjoint properties, self restrictions, user-defined datatypes,
reflexive, irreflexive, and antisymmetric properties, etc.).

3. Support for loading ontologies in RDF/XML, OWL/XML, OWL Functional
Syntax, KRSS, and OBO Flat File format.

4. Direct in-memory connections to Pellet 1.5 and FaCT++.

5. Preliminary support for the explanation of entailments.

6. Hyperlinking for classes, properties, and individuals when browsing

7. Dynamic usage views which allow the usage of any class, property, or
individual to be seen instantly while browsing the ontology.

8. Support for editing multiple ontologies:

a) axioms can easily be pulled from one ontology to another
b) tolerance of missing imports
c) automatic mapping of locally stored ontologies when resolving imports

9. DL Reasoner query tab for asking standard DL queries.

10. Improved keyboard navigation.

There are several additional plug-ins for the Protege-OWL editor,
available for download from the University of Manchester's CO-ODE

What's not included, but coming soon?
1. Protege-Frames editor
2. Protege Services
3. Protege Web client
4. New Plug-in Architecture

Other items of interest
1.  The source code for Protege 4.0 Alpha is available to browse via

2. The source code for Protege 4.0 Alpha is available for download using
a Subversion client:

3. You can find instructions for compiling and running Protege 4.0 Alpha
in Eclipse on our Wiki:

4. A Web-based version of these release notes is available on the
Protege website:

Best Regards,
The Protege Team

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