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Protege 4.0 Beta update (build 102)

Jennifer Vendetti
There is a new Protege 4.0 beta build available on our Web site:

Enhancements in Protege-OWL
- File associations now work properly, i.e., users can start Protégé-OWL
by double-clicking on OWL files. Users of the OS X platform must perform
an extra step for this to function - documentation for how to do this is
available on the wiki [1].

- Axiom annotation is now possible. Documentation is available on the
wiki [2].

- Expression editors now have memory. Expressions previously entered
during the current session will be suggested as users type and will also
be used for rendering.

- Ontology files that have changed outside of Protégé-OWL will be
detected and users will be asked if they wish to reload them.

- The restriction editor now has support for datatype restrictions.

- The create class/property/individual dialog has been overhauled to
provide feedback. Warnings about duplicate names and invalid input are
now given at entry time.

- Bookmarks are now available when importing from the web.

- Move axioms selection strategies are now plug-ins.

- Merging ontologies now attempts to remove redundant imports statements.

- When duplicating classes, a dialog now prompts the user if the new
statements should go into the active ontology or in the same places as
the originals.

- Bundled updated versions of the OWL API and FaCT++.

Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
- Protégé-OWL now shuts down correctly - all windows with unsaved work
will prompt before allowing the application to exit (even with Command-Q
on the Mac OS!).

- Windows users finally have an exit option in the file menu.

- Mac users will notice the application behaving more consistently:

a) Preferences and About are both in the correct menu.
b) The save indicator now appears in the close window button.

- Clicking on hyperlinks does not cause the annoying tab switch if the
current tab is capable of displaying the linked object.

- The superclasses views have been fixed to sort out several update issues.

- Pellet only requires reclassification when logical axioms are changed
- for example, adding annotations no longer requires reclassification
for DL queries.

- Fixed several bugs in autocomplete:

a) Popup would get stuck on screen and could not be removed.
b) Highlighting parts of the editor text would cause problems.
c) The top level datatype (Literal) was not available and other
datatypes were not in the list.

- Default bookmarks for opening ontologies from a URI work correctly again.

- Opening from a URI now prompts the user to open in the current or new
window (also, the default has changed to current window).

- Fixed a bug where collapsing tree nodes caused odd selection behaviour.

- Reasoner errors are now presented to the user directly (inconsistent
ontologies/non-simple properties, etc.).

- Fixed a bug in OWLViz that prevented it from showing most
international characters including Chinese and many others.

As always, a Web-based version of the release notes is available on our
site [3].

The Protege Team


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