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Protege 4.0 Beta update (build 107)

Jennifer Vendetti
There is a new Protege 4.0 beta build available on our Web site:

Enhancements in Protege-OWL
- A Beanshell plug-in is now available [1] that allows users to write
scripts to interact with the model/user interface from within Protege-OWL.

- A Manchester syntax view is now available (shows the current selected
entity), which is good for easy cut and paste into emails.

- Refactor | Copy/move/delete axioms... has been revisited such that you
can select axioms by profile, e.g., EL++, and it is also now pluggable.

- There is a new Individuals by inferred type view.

- Load errors for some formats now provide more help with line numbers
and allow you to view the sources.

- It is now possible to save as OBO 1.2 flat file format. This feature
should be used with care. In particular:

1) Not everything in OWL can be represented in OBO format. Warnings are
currently only reported to the console so please have this open when
using this feature.
2) This was written using incomplete OBO documentation. We expect bugs
and omissions and are interested in user feedback, so please try it and
let us know what you think.

- There are several OWLViz updates:

1) Some global preferences have been moved into the File | Preferences |
OWLViz menu.
2) Tracking view: OWLViz views (including plug-ins such as OWLPropViz)
now allow a tracking mode which follows the current selection:

  a) You can select the default mode for all OWLViz views in File |
Preferences | OWLViz.
  b) Some views allow you to turn this on/off locally using the view's
Options button and selecting the Mode tab.
  c) "Track selection" means that the global selection will be followed
in OWLViz, making it good for using it as a navigation tool.
  d) "Create graph manually" is the default behaviour, where you tell
OWLViz which classes to show using the toolbar.
  e) Providing a radius tells OWLViz how many classes around the current
selection you wish to see.
3) Inferred view: nothing is only displayed as a subclass of Thing (no
longer all classes making the view hard to read).

- Rename entity has been renamed (!) to "Change entity URI...".

- Change entity URI... allows you to select whether you wish to also
rename puns.

- DL Query now provides result counts.

- Individuals by class view now gives membership counts.

- Custom tab layouts can now be removed.

- The changes plug-in has been updated to provide a simple axiom diff
view to see the difference between two loaded ontologies. Note that this
plug-in must be downloaded separately [2].

Bug Fixes in Protege-OWL
- Fixed a bug where an exception was raised if searching for datatypes.

- Fixed a bug where FaCT++ was not returning inferred domain and range

- Fixed a bug where an exception was being thrown when trying to accept

- Fixed a bug where it was possible to add multiple prefixes with the
same name.

- Fixed a bug in the class hierarchy that was causing gaps to appear in
the tree after drag and drop.

- Fixed a bug in the class hierarchy where selection failed in some

- Individuals on the "Individuals by Class" tab are now sorted.

- dataOneOf now works in the expression editors.

- owl:Nothing and other unsatisfiable classes are now hidden in DL query

- owl:deprecated was added to standard annotation URIs.

- The export format can now be selected when saving inferred axioms.

- Local/web imports are now added to the recent locations list.

As always, a Web-based version of the release notes is available on our
site [3].

The Protege Team


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