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Matthew Horridge-2
Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the release of Protégé 5.1.0.  

You can download this release from the Protégé Website at

This release contains a number of fixes, changes and enhancements that are detailed below.

On behalf of the Protégé team,

Matthew Horridge

Improvements & Enhancements

Annotation Editing & Viewing

  • The annotation value editor now indicates whether or not the entered value is in the lexical space of the selected datatype. For example, if the entered value was “Hello” but the datatype is specified as xsd:integer then an error message will be displayed. (protegeproject/protege#441)
  • Annotation values that are anonymous individuals now have property assertions that the individual is a subject of displayed inline. (protegeproject/protege#443)
  • Added usage of IRIs that are annotation values and correspond to entity IRIs to the kinds of usage displayed in the usage view. (protegeproject/protege#483)
  • Annotation values that correspond to PubMed Ids are now shown as hyperlinks. When clicked a new browser window is opened and the corresponding Id is displayed on the PubMed Website. (protegeproject/protege#512)


  • ISBNs in annotation values are now shown as hyperlinks. Clicking one of these links opens a new window displaying information about the ISBN. (protegeproject/protege#513)
  • Wikipedia identifiers such as wikipedia:Cell that appear in annotation values are now shown as hyperlinks. Clicking such a link will open a browser window and display the relevant Wikipedia page. (protegeproject/protege#515)
  • Improved the scrolling behaviour of annotation views when annotation values with large amounts of text are displayed. (protegeproject/protege#516)
  • Changed the behaviour of the annotation value editor so that it focuses the actual editor when it is displayed. Previously, the annotation property list on the left hand side was focuses on open. (protegeproject/protege#537)

Entities Tab Improvements

  • Changed the default layout of the Entities tab so that the left hand side is more spacious and so that it is clearer as to what is selected.  Note that users who wish to see these changes should reset the layout of the Entities tab by selecting “Window” -> “Reset selected tab to default state”(protegeproject/protege#504)
  • Improved the selection mechanism in the Protege User Interface. Switching a view that drives the selection (such as a tree) now causes the selection to be updated without having to reselect the entity in the tree. (protegeproject/protege#506 and protegeproject/protege#335)
  • Changed the behaviour of the Entities tab so that the right hand side now indicates if there isn’t any entity selected. (protegeproject/protege#507)
  • The right hand side entities tab nows displays the IRI for the selected entity (protegeproject/protege#525)


General User Interface Improvements

Other Changes

Changes for Developers


Updates to Plugins

  • Updated the DL Query Tab to version 4.0.1
  • Updated Cellfie to 2.1.0. You can find detailed release notes here.

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