Protégé 5.2.0 Released

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Protégé 5.2.0 Released

Matthew Horridge-2
Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the release of Protégé 5.2.0.  You can download the release from

You can find release notes below and on our Github release page [1].

As usual, we’d like to thank the community for their feedback and contributions. 

On behalf of the Protégé team,

Matthew Horridge

This release contains various enhancements and fixes. Please note that if you are running MacOS Sierra then you may have to take some steps to enable the native Protege application to run.

Improvements & Enhancements

Context Sensitive Help

  • We have added context sensitive help to many of the views in Protégé. If help is available for a view then that help can be shown by pressing the "question mark" button in the view header. Help documentation ultimately points to here.


  • We have also added help documentation for the class expression syntax that is used in Protege. The help documentation can be displayed via the help button on the class expression editor dialog. Documentation can be found here.

    (protegeproject/protege#592 and protegeproject/protege#593)

Entities Tab Improvements

  • PubMed Ids in annotations that contain white space are now parsed and displayed as links to PubMed (protegeproject/protege#615)
  • Anonymous individuals that are auto-created for use in annotation values are no longer prefixed with the ontology Id
  • Entity names in lists are no longer quoted with single quotes in order to improve readability.

General User Interface Improvements

Changes for Developers


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