Protege Desktop 5.0 beta (build 10) now available

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Protege Desktop 5.0 beta (build 10) now available

Jennifer Vendetti
We are pleased to announce Protege Desktop 5.0 beta!  The highlights of
this release are:

- Moved the Protege Desktop source code to GitHub [1] to allow for
easier collaboration with developers outside of Stanford.
- Moved the Protege Desktop build system to Maven to standardize the
build process.
- Upgraded to Java 7.
- Upgraded to the latest version of the OWL API (v3.5.0).
- The search functionality has been significantly improved to search
annotation values, display names, entity IRIs, and logical axioms
(previously only display name was searched).

... and much more!  Please check out our detailed release announcement
[2] and download/installation instructions [3] on the Protege wiki .

Best Regards,
The Protege Team


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