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Protege Desktop 5.0 beta build 15 available

Matthew Horridge-2
We are pleased to announce the availability of a new build of Protégé 5.0 beta (build 15) on our website.

You can download the version at

New features and enhancements:

- Improved support for viewing General Concept Inclusions (GCIs) in the main class description view.  When a class is selected any GCIs that mention that class are displayed.

- The imported ontologies list now displays imports showing the target IRI of the imports declaration, the ontology IRI of the imported ontology, the imported ontology version IRI (if present), and the physical location of the imported ontology document (with clickable links to navigate to local files and web addresses).

- Built in entities (owl:Thing etc.) now get rendered using their well-known prefix names instead of their short name (Thing etc.) by default.

Bug fixes:

- Entity IRIs are not rendered as expected if the IRI contains brackets in the fragment and fragment rendering is selected.

- Imports wizard ignores ontology Version IRIs.  Fixed.

- run.command does not work in some cases.  Fixed.

- Annotation literals were converted to lowercase letters if the they were not typed or did not have a language tag.  Fixed.

We would like to thank members of our community, in particular Julian Vincent and Alan Ruttenberg for bug reports and new feature request.

Best regards,
The Protégé Team
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