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Protege Mailing List Changes

Jennifer Vendetti-2

Protege Users,

This message is a notification to all of our subscribers that on
Thursday, August 31st we are migrating all of the Protege mailing lists
from Ecartis to Mailman.  (Ecartis and Mailman are mailing list
administration software packages).

If you are currently subscribed to any of our Ecartis-based lists, you
will automatically be resubscribed to the new Mailman-based lists.  We
are pleased to convey that the migration to Mailman will enable many
new, desirable features such as:

* Much better Spam filtering
* Prevention of duplicate postings
* List members can manage their own list subscriptions via a Web-based
* List members can choose to receive mail in digest form
* List members can temporarily disable their accounts (if on vacation or

If you have questions about the migration, we have posted much more
detailed information on our Wiki:

If you want to read more about Mailman, please refer to the online

Best Regards,
The Protege Team

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