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Protege Support Mailing List Changes

Jennifer Vendetti
Dear Protege Community,

The purpose of this email is to inform you of some upcoming changes to our free support mailing lists.  Over the last two decades, the number of Protege mailing lists has proliferated beyond what is practical for our modestly sized team to maintain.  On Monday, February 3rd, all of our support mailing lists will be condensed to the following two options:


End user support for all versions of the WebProtege and Protege Desktop applications.  Anyone currently subscribed to protege-discussion, protege-owl, p4-feedback, and/or webprotege-feedback will be automatically moved to the protege-user list.  If you have concerns about the volume of email on protege-user, please note that you will have the option of modifying your subscription to digest mode.  If you wish to unsubscribe from any of our support lists before February 3rd, please do so via the list information pages at the bottom of this correspondence.


Developer support for all versions of WebProtege and Protege Desktop.  Please note that no one will be automatically subscribed to this list.  If you have questions about Protege source code, developing plug-ins for Protege, programmatic access of ontologies from your applications, etc., please subscribe yourself via the list information page to post your questions:

We look forward to continuing our efforts to support and interact with you on our new lists.

Best Regards,
The Protege Team


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