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Jennifer Vendetti

Please see the latest beta release notes (build no. 241) for a status of
database inclusion support in Core Protege:

It has not been completed yet - but as the release notes indicate - we
are actively working on it and hope to have it finished up relatively soon.


Dan Mascenik wrote:

>I'm sorry to be such a bother about this, but inclusion of ontologies from the
>Protege multi-user server or from an OWL database is very important to a project
>I'm working on.  See another post of mine at:
>Can anyone tell me what/if plans exist to add multi-user/database inclusion
>support to Protege-OWL?  If there are plans, what is the anticipated release
>timeframe for this functionality?
>Any information you could give me would be very appreciated.  If this
>functionality will not be available in the near future, we will have to build it
>ourselves.  I'd rather not duplicate efforts already being undertaken by the
>Protege-OWL development team.
>Thank you for your help!
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