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Nick Drummond
Actually, I'm as close to P4 support as you can get.

I've just tried downloading the most recent graphviz and running with P4 on OSX.

Yes, appears that the pixelglow download no longer contains the full package of apps - only the GUI application.

So, I've downloaded from the other link[1] off the Graphviz website.

And this provides an installer that puts the app in the following location:

Slightly annoying, but once resolved this seems to work happily.



On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 10:41 AM, David Snelling <[hidden email]> wrote:

I know you aren't Protege support, but I know you, so you get the first shot.

Feel free to pass me on to someone else, if you want, but at least let me know you got this mail.

I'm trying to deploy and use 4.0. I install it and most everything works fine on my Mac (OSX 10.5.4). The exception is OWLviz.

The steps I took are as follows:

1) Initially GraphViz in not there.

2) I go to their web site and install the only available version (V 2.20.2).

3) The default name for the DOT program is 'dot' and GraphViz now calls that application GraphViz.

4) A minor bug in Protege prevents me from changing the setting in options, so I add a symbolic link to my GraphViz installation.

5) Lastly, finding the application works, but protege creates some files that GraphViz can't read. Error message from GraphViz is:

"The document "OWLVizScratch49619.tmp" could not be opened. Graphviz cannot open files of this type."

My guess is that there is a compatibility mismatch between Protege V4.0 and the latest GraphViz (V2.20.2). Unfortunate GraphViz don't seem to publish old versions, so my experimentation has had to stop there.

Take care:

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