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Jonathan Carter-8
We’ve been using Protege frames in this way for many years now and I think encountered the same things that you’re seeing.

We found the Export to HTML option to very useful for providing a micro-site about the Classes structure in the ontology and does include all the slots (template, inherited etc.). There are a number of options in the HTML export component that control what is exported, so it’s worth checking these out to make sure all the slots you want are generated.

In the end to provide the kinds of reports that we wanted, we found that we needed to build our own reporting platform, using an XML export of the Protege ontology.

In terms of importing from Excel, the DataMaster Tab can be powerful by connecting to Excel via a JDBC / ODBC connector. 
However, we found that using this imported both classes and instances - we wanted to be able to map content from a spreadsheet into instances of classes in the ontology. Again, we built our own tools resulting in a web application that enables us to do this.

It’s worth upgrading your Protege to version 3.5 as there are a number of bug fixes since 3.4.4.

When we realised that the way we were using Protege meant that the out-of-the-box exports and imports were not designed to work the way we wanted to use them, we built some of our own plugins and extensions (which are all free to download and use from our website

Hope this helps 


Van: Niek Geerden
Verzonden: donderdag 27 maart 2014 10:31
Aan: '[hidden email]'
Onderwerp: Report (export) Problems Protege 3.4.4

Dear sir,

Our company uses Protege 3.4.4. and we are using a frames onthology. Now that we finished the model we want to generate reports. We have 2 primary goals we like to succeed and maybe your community of experts can help us to solve this.

1.      We want to make an export of our onthology using the 'Export to HTML' option.

2.      We like to have the option to import our model into Microsoft Excel.

Problems we encounter:

We want to make an export of our onthology using the 'Export to HTML' option.
The first problem that we encounter is that we're missing some information wich doesnt show up in the generated HTML export. In other words the generated report doesn't show our complete onthology.

Our model has a set of classes and all of them are containing subclasses.
All classes include one or more slots.
The problem we encounter is that 'Template slots' unfortunately are not included in the export.
The two added screenshots will give a further explanation of the problem .

Before generating the Export the following choices were made:

?        Under the "General" tab all boxes are checked.

?        All slots are selected by the use of "Check All" option.

The red boxed area shows the difference between Prot?g? and the Export HTML

We like to have the option to import our model into Microsoft Excel.
Is this an easy task to perform in 3.4.4. or do we need an upgrade to 3.5.?

We would appreciate if we can get some advise / help solving these 2 issues??


N. (Niek) Geerden
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